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Long ago, far far away

Deep in the Cyanoid Cascade was a planet: Amerath Prime
The Ameraths were a peaceful kind
They were known throughout the universe as great scientists
The most famous scientist was Mallok

He stumbled across something incredible:
A way to capture and freeze time using rare crystals called Ankorite
In time Mallok grew tiresome of the arguing of his kind
The Ankorite Crystals had allowed him to live for eons
But he had become bored of politics, and restless with power
With the power of all the Ankorite on Amerath Prime
And all the knowledge of a thousand years
He froze the planet in time
The Amerath home world was caught in a time loop a second long
Mallok had complete power over his species, and they had no idea

Little did Mallok know about the end for which he was destined



Play as an old Amerath called Pavon. Explore distant planets and fight evil monsters out for flesh. Collect coins and invest in upgrades, defeat bosses powerful enough to consume stars and discover more wonders than you thought could exist.


Isolated is a dynamic platformer that is always changing and provides a fun experience time and time again. The development cycle is currently underway, and the free beta can be downloaded here. If you would like to support the production of this game then please donate to our Kickstarter.


About us





Hi, my name is RoarBird


I am the owner and founder of RobotHamster. I am the lead programmer on this team.


Hi, my name is DragonBrooksy


I am the lead artist at RobotHamster.


Hi, my name is DJM369


I don't really do much so skip this part here.

Welcome to Robot Hamster, a small company of game developers working together to make fun, captivating experiences for you. If you would like to contact any of us personally, please contact us through Discord.


Hi, my name is Coleslaw


I am the website manager and work alongside RoarBird and DragonBrooksy to help develop the game further.


Hi, my name is Firestone


I am the PR manager and handle social media and communication between players and creators.

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